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Versions Spudu

We regular update Spudu and in this list it’s possible to see the latest updates. 

Version 1.0 (01-01-2019)

  • Launch of first version Spudu with four modules: Finance, Sales, Projects and Resources

Version 1.1 (01-05-2019)

  • Apps as additional module
  • Expertises list in Resources

Version 1.2 (23-08-2019)

  • New look and feel dashboard with slider and summary blocks
  • New look and feel expenses with scroll and new expense function on the footer
  • Billable appointments with regards to kilometers (only if checked) and duration of time
  • Links European + United States taxes 
  • Api possibilities with Ebay Kleinanzeigen,, WordPress, Wix and Joomla 
  • CSV export of the inventory with possibility to import them in a WordPress site 
  • Add multiple company savings and show only the latest company savings on the dashboard

Version 1.3 (10-09-2019)

  • Version number on the footer of the dashboard
  • Adding Information icon which links to this version management page 
  • A checkbox in expenses that the specific expense will not be counted in the total amount of all the expenses. 
  • When the expenses are checked that they are not counted in the total amount they will be counted on the projectpage
  • A CSV export in expenses list view
  • 4 extra sales blocks on the dashboard of Spudu that can be shown by clicking on the scrolling buttons at the footer.
  • In total there will be 8 blocks on the dashboard, sales blocks and general financing blocks 
  • Replacement of sales with Quarterly finances that will be updated from financial reports on the dashboard of Spudu
  • Updated header with revised links under Apps and new order under Finance 
  • In domain names it’s possible that product domain name and product webhosting will be a dropdown of products 
  • Hiding the language function to prevent errors
  • Making a dashboard screen that is responsive (for tablets and larger screens)
  • Renaming the api’s to custom apps.
  • In the guest url of tickets that the attachments (on the left side) are being shown
  • In the financial agreements the frequency of the agreement will be shown as: 1 month, 4 weeks etc.   
  • Removing project from general ticket, only in to-do tasks will the projects being shown

Version 1.4 (26-09-2019)

  • Default installation of 2 slides on the dashboard
  • Updating six user profiles (admin, manager, freelancer/employees, administrator, accountant and sales person)
  • Two user profiles show eight blocks: admin and accountant
  • Two other user profiles show five blocks: manager and administrator
  • Three other user profiles show four blocks: freelancer/employees and sales person
  • Bug fixed with the total outstanding amounts of every record on the financial agreements and inventory
  • Make the urls of the attachments in the expenses list view clickable
  • Calculation of runway on the dashboard (in months):
  • (financial agreements + recurring invoices) + (overdue invoices + company savings) = total amount / subscriptions  
  • Change recurring income to financial agreements 
  • Make the total not paid and total sent dynamic on the invoices list view
  • Adding expertises and expertises list to users  

Version 1.5 (10-10-2019)

  • In the Staywaykey app section the rides + appointments are only shown from every user separate. Only the admin + manager can see all the rides and appointments of all the users
  • Total users of the app should be left on the dashboard
  • Make it possible that prospects are editable for users that have access to it 
  • Ability to make templates for appointments 
  • Google maps option to show the locations (linked to city + country) of all the users 
  • Update the addresses of clients in this order: Company name, first name + surname contactperson, street address, zip code + state
  • Updating the item discount functionality

Version 1.6 (25-10-2019)

  • Templates for expenses 
  • Fast adding of expenses via tablets of computers by first adding an attachment (.xml, .csv, .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .pdf) and adding multiple expenses on the same time
  • Keeping attachments while selecting an expenses template
  • Make the quarters in financial reports clickable and show in every quarter: total numbers, invoices, (Euro + Dollar) expenses and attachments. 
  • Remove the all version in the expenses list view since it’s obsolete 
  • Rename every default template or part in the installed version to Spudu

Version 1.7 (01-12-2019)

  • In financial agreementst that attachments can be added and removed 
  • In the guest url of financial agreements that the attachment are being shown 
  • Adding appointments in the overview of every quarterly financial report
  • Updating the discount format in quotes and invoices 
  • Updating the revised version numbers

Version 1.8 (01-02-2020)

  • Upload and download .xml files in financial reports section
  • Fast track to add inventory points
  • Distributors and Suppliers are added to Sales
  • Place a calendar in the system
  • Import CSV files from WordPress in the webshop section
  • Update user profiles
  • Ability to place deadlines for every task
  • Add NDA link to every user account
  • Add a manager to every ticket
  • Add prospects to a quote
  • Field of clients in quotes is renamed to: Clients/Prospects

Version 1.9 (01-04-2020)

  • Transform a prospect in a client when a quote is generated in an invoice
  • Add profile pictures to HRM form
  • Add scores to tasks with regards to users
  • Link products to suppliers and distributors
  • Automatically calculation of products with multiplier in distributors and suppliers
  • Multiplier of purchase price in supplier and distributor
  • Update adding inventory part (webshop and form)
  • Drag and drop with files in the webshop and expenses
  • Simplify the appointment form
  • Quotes are changed to slogans
  • Update taxes section
  • Updated part domains
  • Comments parts in to-do tickets
  • Add multiple attachments
  • Updated guest url
  • Updated user accounts: Freelancers and Managers
  • Freelancers will only see their assigned tasks
  • Once tickets are closed the hours will be deleted from the projectpage
  • Once a ticket is closed it cannot be open again
  • Search functionality in expenses
  • Import of bank statements (ABN Amro, N26 and Rabobank)
  • Creation of Credit invoices status in invoices
  • Selection of dates in CSV import of inventory

Version 2.0 (in progress)

  • Combine bank statements and expenses
  • Simplify the user interface

Additional version of Spudu

1.0 User based version of Spudu (01-10-2019)

  • Version that makes it possible to create admin users (with their own company/companies) on the same domain name 

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