Be more productive with our apps 

Spudu is a customizable administration system for platforms which you can make as big as you want or as small you need. Request a demo to show how Spudu can help you with your business. 

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Link with apps

With Spudu there is the possibility to link with apps you’re organization already uses or add apps that are made by Spudu. With the following apps, there is the possibility to link them to Spudu and make your company more effective and productive.


This app makes it easy to do inventory management by generating and scanning QR codes. This could be used for a variety of possibilities. This could be used mainly for inventory management and by having an actual inventory by scanning goods or products that are entering or leaving the storage room. But the app could also be used to label products that could be paid by customers by scanning the codes via the app. This app also makes it possible to link Spudu with your webshop to have an up to date webshop and inventory.


This app makes it easier for medium or large-sized companies to share their vehicles and rides. By linking with Spudu the data of the rides and vehicles could be used for tax purposes or to invoice clients. Staywaykey brings also a solution for mobility in general by offering a unified solution for mobility in small, medium and large-sized companies.


The Touristdoc app can be used for clinics or healthcare startups that want to automate appointments or offer services on demand for their patients. With the app it’s possible to have secured video calls and offer e-healthcare, making appointments or ordering prescriptions combined with paying via the app by the customer. The app makes providing healthcare easier and more flexible because of the many possibilities in the palm of your hands instead of working behind the computer. This makes it especially easy for doctors in the field to manage appointments, make notes, order prescriptions and paying for the appointment.